Saturday, October 20, 2007

Can The Green Toilet Make A Difference?

A quote from Living Beyond Our Means, Natural Assets and Human Well-Being:

"The natural balance sheet we bequeath to future generations depends on choices made at every level and in every corner of the planet - from the head of a village in Bangladesh to a corporation board in a New York skyscraper; from international gatherings of finance ministers to consumers in a Brazilian furniture store."

To your bathroom!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Green Toilet - Huh?

Welcome to The Green Toilet!

This blog is intended to give restaurants and households (and any buliding that contains a restroom) advice on how to how to create a more ecologically friendly bathroom. There are millions of toilets that are being used hundreds of times every day. Think of all the toilet paper and paper towels that go to waste! Think of all the clean water that goes down the drain to flush toilets and wash hands! Think of all of the chemicals used to clean toilets, counters, and floors!

There are little (and big) things that can be done to these restrooms to make them more sustainable and less harmful to the environment. If every restroom in the US followed a few standards the impact could be huge.

Stay tuned for quick and easy tips you can follow to make your bathroom more green.